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Pain Buster

Bust-RII - Penetrating Arthritis Pain Relief Cream - EB

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Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

  • Pinpoints & Attacks Pain Fast

  • Provides Warming Relief for Aches,Pain & Soreness

The two pain-relieving agents in PAIN BUST-RII are known to work to provide analgesic relief at the site of arthritis pain and to provide deep penetrating heat that helps relieve stiffness and improves mobility.

And what's more, PAIN BUST-RII is 100% grease-less so it won't stain or smear your clothing or bed sheets.

Pain Bust Rll Arthritis Pain Relief Cream. 3oz. New. Pain Buster


Net weight: 3oz (85g)

exp. 06/21

pain buster


pain bustr