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Free-Standing Cat Hammock Bed - Stable & Breathable Pet Sleeping Bed for Indoor &Aoutdoor

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Dog Water Bottle
Cat Hammock/ Cat Bed Hanging

If your cats suffer from joint health issues, this elevating hammock bed is a great choice. As well, by providing a dedicated resting place, hammock beds discourage cats from scratching or napping on furniture, preserving your furnishings.

  • Health: Elevating a cat's resting spot can help improve their joint health and reduce the risk of arthritis or other mobility issues, especially for older cats
  • Comfort: Cat hammock beds provide a comfortable and cozy spot for cats to rest and sleep, ensuring they have a designated, secure, and comfortable place to relax.
  • Space Saving: These beds can save space in your home as they can be mounted on walls or placed in high, unused spaces, helping to declutter living areas.

Product Size:
 42x45x 23cm/ 16.54x17.72x9.06 inches